Karahan Global joint stock company main activities are import and export trade, providing customs services in the foreign trade sector and providing high quality and sustainable supply with a wide range of products. In all stages of customs clearance and foreign trade, domestic and foreign industrialists, manufacturers, importers and exporters Karahan Global, which provides services to our public and private organizations within the scope of customer satisfaction and result oriented activities, matches the needs of international customers and regulates the quality import process. Our company imports natural stone imports, imports of rebar, import of dried legumes, exports of dried fruits, exports of dried fruits and vegetables, exports of varieties, Far East handicrafts, and also in the recycling sector, also in the plastics industry, plastic products in the plastics industry to realize the export of products The company, which makes continuous researches in the way of i reaching the best ini in its business and transactions and produces solutions that provide benefit to the corporate cumulative, has gained the satisfaction and trust of its customers with its sensitivity to protect its commercial secrets.
Our company; is one of the companies that has completed the branding in the sector in which it has the authorization certificates given by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.




  • Ethical Values ​​Based Management
  • Sharing
  • Unconditional Full Customer Satisfaction
  • Integrity and reliability
  • Customer Focus
  • Solution Orientation
  • Continuous Learning Development
  • Continuity in Service Quality
  • Working with Team Spirit
  • Maintaining a high level of quality
In the framework of the trust we have created with our customers and solution partners, we follow the developments and trends in the world, to be an institution that learns, constantly renews and realizes firsts.
Our management, which is open to development, is to provide the highest benefit by following the products and competitors in the market closely with our young, dynamic employee team, sharing effective information and information with our customers.